Chlorine, chlorine, who bought all the chlorine. Oh, it was me...


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Jul 21, 2018
Richmond, TX
I was reading through another thread and it sparked a question about my pool. In the other thread, someone mentioned that their target was 8-10, and it was mentioned that adding chlorine above 10 was just a waste of chlorine. (I am paraphrasing here.)

So here is my situation. With 50 CYA, my target is 4-8, with a minimum of 4. Because I live in hot hot hot Texas, I'm burning through 5ppm a day. Because a green pool is an ugly pool (aside: why in the world would someone choose a green pebble color?!?), I like to keep my free chlorine between 4 and 5, which means I am shooting for FC level of 9-10ppm, above the 8 suggested by the pool math app.

I add my chlorine at night, and fairly reliably, by the next evening, it has dropped about 5ppm. So should I be dosing twice a day? Or is it ok to throw in my gallon of bleach at night, knowing that I am going to overshoot the recommendations initially?

Test results for the curious: FC 6, CC 0, PH 7.5, TA 70, CH 370, CYA 50, CSI -0.07, Temp 90F
NOTE: regarding the FC 6 reading...we had a fairly cloudy day, so I didn't actually dose with a full gallon today. But today is the first day in the past three weeks that I've used less than a gallon in my pool.


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Jul 21, 2013
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As you get to higher chlorine levels chlorine loss increases over time. It is not a linear loss. Test it and see if by going to a higher chlorine dose at night you end up with higher FC 24 hours later.

Dosing twice a day may be what works for your pool.

Or get a SWG.