Chlorine at zero

May 14, 2008
I did the ascorbic acid treatment on Wednesday (3 days ago) and have been slowly adding bleach, but can't get the chlorine level to hold. It was up to .5 FC this morning (with the solar cover on) since I took the cover off I am getting no reading. I have even tried adding a small amount diclor right into the test tube, it turns pink and then goes right to clear. I have a Taylor K-2006 test kit. Any suggestions. I have a bunch of anxious kids ready to swim.


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May 7, 2007
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The ascorbic acid in the water and the chlorine wipe each other out. You won't be able to hold a chlorine level until you have added enough chlorine to consume all the ascorbic acid. You need to add only a little chlorine at a time, but you can do that as frequently as every hour if the FC level has gone back to zero.