Chiller vs Heater in DFW area


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May 13, 2020
For the DFW folks, who has a chiller or heater? Is it worth it to you or a waste of money? Expensive to run? Relatively easy to put in later? I really wish I’d found this site prior to finalizing our design plans...

I’m guessing our pool will likely not be ready until late July or early August and will be in full sun essentially all day long. I would prefer not to swim in bath water temps and am now second guessing our decision.


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Dec 26, 2019
NE Oklahoma
My short exercise in researching the pool chillers led me to want to try the return style, evaporative pool chillers (Something like this... There are several out there. before spending the coin on a dedicated 'swamp' cooler style chiller. Both claim about a 10 degree delta. I am several hours north of you in the Tulsa area, so we see very similar weather patterns.

I installed a heater, mostly because I also have a spa, but I would have done a heater anyway, to extend the season. We have been swimming for at least the past month in 60-70 degree weather, thanks to the heater.

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