ChiknNutz - Hi from the PNW, new liner installed


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Jul 22, 2010
Arlington, WA
Just found this forum and sure wish I would have found this a couple years ago, lemme tell ya. We bought a house with a large IG pool 3 years ago and were new to pools at that time. The pool is a 20 x 40 x 3' & 9' so about 36,000 gallons. We noticed a leak the second year, couldn't find it for a long time, then finally found it but the liner was getting bad anyway due to age. So, as of just about a week ago, we now have a fresh new vinyl liner installed and just got the water filled from our well (took a LONG time to fill it over several days, didn't want to run it full-time though). I pulled the old liner, prepped the pool based on recommendations from the pool installer we chose and then had him install the liner. I suppose I really could have done the liner, but figured it best left to a pro. All went well and feel like we got it all done quite reasonably compared to some quotes we got.

Anyhoo, now trying to get the water chemistry right and seem to be getting it dialed in. Our local pool/plumbing supply is well known, but I'm not too sold on their knowledge based on the little I've discovered along the way. Cool thing is they will do a computer test as often as you like, but would still like to get a proper kit. However, we have two older reagent-based kits, brands unknown, but I'm guessing the reagents are bad. One of them was left here by the home owner, so the reagents are at least 3 yrs old now. Can I just get new reagents or do I really need a new and complete kit (Taylor or TF)? I do have some other questions, but will hold those for other posts.

Well, thanks a bunch, hope to help as I get more familiar with it all.


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Mar 29, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!!

Congrats on the new liner :whoot:

While it's easy enough to get refills for the old reagents, every couple -3 years I just get a whole new kit (TF100 the last 2 times :wink: )