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May 31, 2019
Florence, ky
Having been testing since may 2 weeks ago all was well and alagae was gone. Now having continued allagry [problem and loss of chorine at CYA?
C 1.0
CC 0.5
pH 7.4
TA 600
CYA Reading less than 30 and tube was still crystal clear,
i added 12 lbs of CYA since opening pool. Have not drained it. Adding small amount of water due to splashing and rain. The CYA was 40 2 weeks ago.
Last night added another 8 lbs of CYA. Have been adding 2 to 4 gallons of 10%-12.5 bleach daily or every other day since we first slammed to try to maintain chlorine levels

Am using Taylor testing kit

Texas Splash

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Sounds like it's time to follow the SLAM Process. You might want to lower the pH just a little more to about 7.2 before you start the SLAM. Once you do that though, consider your CYA 30 for now and increase the FC to "12". Maintain that FC of 12 as best as you can and follow all the notes on the SLAM Process page for best success. Re-test your CYA in about 3-4 days to confirm if it's closer to 30 or 40.