Chemigem automatic chlorine and pH controllers

Dave V

New member
Jul 3, 2008
Brisbane, Australia
My apologies if this topic has been covered before but my searching failed to bring anything up.

I’m just about to embark on renovating a concrete pool and would like some advice. The pool is about 30 years old and has marble sheen finish which has worn though in many places. The plan is to put in a pebbletec surface, replace the return lines, replace the skimmer box (the old one is cracked) and install a pool light.

I’m also thinking of upgrading the chlorination system. At the moment I’ve got an old SWG and I’m thinking of either getting a new self cleaning model or get a Chemigem auto Chlorine & pH controller.

The Chemigem is more expensive (~$1650 AUD) but I must admit I’m lazy and have been guilty in the past of not maintaining correct levels and then having to spend lots of money getting the water balance right later.

Has anybody had any experience with auto liquid feeders and in particular the Chemigem?

Here is a link showing the device: