Jan 28, 2017
Ok guys interior finish about a week away and I'm going to maintain our pool which chemicals should I go get and always have on hand? Thanks for all your advice so far.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Just bleach and acid. The builder should get everything else set up for you, which means he'll add CYA. I've never ever had to add baking soda nor borax to my pool. Test results will tell you if and when anything needs to be added. You have ordered a proper test kit already, haven't you? :suspect:


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Apr 20, 2017
Glad you got your kit. No need to stockpile a bunch of chemicals ahead of time. Just wait for your kit and pool to be open. Once done, test it yourself and post numbers here and people will guide you.

All you will ultimately need is bleach from your grocery store aisle. The regular unsented kind. It can be generic version as long as its plain old bleach. Bleach is also called liquid chlorine at pool stores or big box home improvement stores. Sometimes it's cheaper that route because they are higher concentrated. Bleach and liquid chlorine doesn't store long and degrades over time, so I would wait until pool is ready and then go get a few bottles to start.

As for acid, it's called muriatic acid and lowers your ph. This can also be found at most big box stores and has different concentrations. This is the only item I do buy at a pool store because it's cheaper for the higher concentrated acid.

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