Chemicals question


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May 4, 2020
Northern CA
Going to round up everything I need to get my pool up and the chemicals in. Is the Clorox line of pool chemicals at Walmart good? Not the tablets, but the Clorox brand of everything like Cyanuric Acid, etc? I'm trying to avoid our local Leslie's.


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I'd try to stay away from Clorox brand stuff. It's more expensive, and I wouldn't trust them to not put copper in everything.

Get Pool Essentials liquid chlorine, Arm & Hammer baking soda in the big bag, 20 Mule Team Borax, and muriatic acid from the paint dept (or granulated acid if you're scared to death of MA like I am). All you'll need is granulated CYA because liquid is pricey, and Home Depot has that not made by Clorox.


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My pleasure, Angie! You'll need about 4 jugs of liquid chlorine to start with. Do you have PoolMath on your phone or tablet? This app will help you with how much of each chemical to add to balance your pool.

You can add everything at the same time, and let the pump run for 30 min to mix everything. Then do a full set of tests to determine your levels and add more as required.

CAVEAT: weigh your CYA into a white sock, knee high hose, or vacuum filter bag of you have one. Hang it in front of your pool's outlet and give it a good squeeze every hour or so. DO NOT put the CYA directly in the skimmer! The CYA in the sock/hose/filter bag will dissolve fairly quickly.

Also! NEVER add muriatic acid to the pool right after adding chlorine! It forms a poisonous gas, and you're gonna have a bad day. Wait 30 min before adding MA after adding chlorine, or vice versa.