Chemical balance - new SWG


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Feb 27, 2015
Grand Rapids MI
Just installed the Circupool SWG last night around 9pm. Chlorine looks to be generating properly as I let it run overnight.
I started 4.5 FC last night when measured and woke up to 7.5 FC this morning.

I’ll keep working to dial it in this week.

My TA is between 130-140. And my PH is 7.8. I need lower TA right? How should I go about this?

Also, a bonus question. I’m looking for suggestions on how long to run my pump and SWG and at what speed. Today I run the pump from 7am - 8pm. It runs at 3200 the whole time. I have the SWG set to run 8am - 7pm at 75%. Any suggestions for what I should do? I have 3 returns and 2 skimmers but no main drain. Also, thinking I could lower the speed on the pump be more efficient.


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May 3, 2014
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Lower the rpm on your pump to 1200. Then work from there to be sure the flow switch for the SWCG stays closed. Then see if that rpm is enough for skimming.


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Jan 6, 2010
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TA will come down naturally as you adjust pH. There's no reason to rush it unless you're in imminent danger of Calcium scaling. Plug all your numbers into poolmath and see where the CSI comes out. Zero is ideal. Anything between -0.3 and +0.3 is acceptable.