Chem feedback please.


May 14, 2015
Opened pool and chemistry is getting close I think. Looking for feedback on next steps especially for CH.

FC = 6.5
CC = 0.5
TC = 7.0
CH = 150
TA = 50
CYA = 60
PH = 7.0

If I used the pool math calculator correctly I think I should be adding the following:
- 44oz of stabilizer to bring up CYA from 60 to 70
- Lower IntelliChlor generator % a hair to bring FC down slightly (currently at 40%)
- Add 150oz of baking soda to raise TA from 50 to 70
- CH - pool math says add about 89lbs of calcium chloride to go from 150 to 450
- For PH I was thinking since its close and tends to rise a bit on its own I would just let it be

Should I be doing all the above at once or step by step and re-assess?

Thanks in advance


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Apr 17, 2010
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Raising your TA might help inch up your PH a tad. Everything else looks good.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Rule of thumb here is to add things thirty minutes apart, except for CYA, because it takes a while to dissolve.

I've never had to add any, but I have read here plenty of times that adding a bunch of Calcium can cause temporary cloudiness. So don't panic if it happens to you. Just leave the pump run and be patient.

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