"Check system no cell power 2" error


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Apr 28, 2013
Now that I've read a little more. I now know better than to plug 100ft extension cord and circular saw into the same outlet as my Blue Haven /Hayward pool controller. After working on my shed, I got the CHECK SYSTEM NO CELL POWER ERROR. I wasnt terribly worried because I've had what I thought was the same error before, fixed with a new 20A fuse. Well Google tells me that was error 1, I have 2, replace PCB.
I took the PCB off, and just like many other posts, burn spot at the relay.
But I also noticed a little burn under a big capacitor, and looking closer at the cap, it has 2 sticky domes on it. I guess I'll try soldering the relay. Any thoughts on the cap?20200826_193513.jpg20200826_191205.jpg


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May 3, 2014
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Let's see if anyone has any thoughts on this.

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Oct 5, 2007
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It doesn't look like the capacitor is bad. They usually puff up/bulge when going bad. Try re-soldering the relay connection. If that does not work, replacing the board will probably be your only option. If that becomes necessary, I recommend Salt Solutions.


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Apr 28, 2013
I'll update this thread and give props to Salt Solutions.
After my failed attempt at resoldering the relay, I decided to send my board out to a pro. I paid up online, got my mailing label from Salt Solutions, then waited until after Labor Day (small USPS snafu here...the mailing label needs to be printed out 24hrs from issue...I waited too long and had to call for a re-issue). Tues. I pulled the board and dropped it off at post office. Tracking # showed they got it Thurs, then to my surprise it was done that day and new return tracking number was sent to me. The repaired board, with brand new relay, arrived Monday and I installed it with no problem. Its been running for almost 24 hrs now, all seems good.
Two thumbs up for these guys. They even threw in a plastic controller standoff to replace my broken one!
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