Check flow, flue: 48 So I got a value installed on my intake hose and it stopped this message yesterday. I s had the error check monitor.


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May 7, 2020
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Yesterday my Jandy pro heater had two messages. One check low flow and another was error check monitor. My guy put in a flow valve in my intake hose and it got rid of the water flow message but not he other. Today I am back to the flow message and the other is gone. I am looking at the monitor and it says no flow 100%. So I turned it down to 0% and it says standby. What can I do to get the heat to work. Flow now s amazing and my skimmer is dancing around the pool.

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Jun 22, 2009
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Here's one thing I found about the Check Monitor error. in this thread Jandy Heater Error Message Check Aux Monitor
I'd try the reset and see if the flow error clears as well.

I'm the one with the handy husband. Well after I tried looking for a YouTube answer and tried reading the owners manual, he looked somewhere online and found a quick fix.
He pushed and held the middle button on the control panel, then also pushed the pool & spa buttons holding all 3 for 5 seconds. At which point the panel read "reset? Yes or no" he hit yes and it fired up and is currently putting out warm water! Hurray! We are going to wait until tomorrow or so to make sure it continues to work before we cancel our service appointment but so far so good. Hope this helps someone else.