cheap liquid chlorine!

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May 29, 2007
I just got back from The Great Escape and they're having an unadvertised liquid chlorine special: 4 gallons for $8.99. Yes, it's, there isn't a limit on how many cases you can buy. The manager told me their stores in Chicago are in a price battle and are trying to undercut a competitor. He said the special may only run a week or so, but he wasn't sure.

Unfortunately, The Great Escape only has stores in Illinois, Indiana or Ohio.



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May 20, 2007
Key West, FL
I guess my $2.99 find ain't such a deal.... :x should've gone to TGE. That's okay, they are in a terrible location for me, very inconvenient.

Can't help but wonder if those are from last year. Gosh I am so distrustful of pool stores.... :oops:


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Mar 29, 2009
Mobile, Alabama
I bought six cases of liquid chlorine that was supposes to be 10% from Home Depot. I doubt the stuff was even 3%. I used four cases before if finally dawned on me that all the trouble I was having keeping the chlorine level up was because the liquid chlorine was old. When I purchased the cases I noticed the boxes looked really old, but I didn't think about it affecting the solution strength. When I started using some fresh 6% chlorox my FC came up and stayed up just like it should.

I returned two case to HD and noticed they had raised the price of the remaining stock from $3.78/gal to $4.00/gal and had a sign reading "Special Spring Sale". I asked the clerk how long the chlorine had been in the store, but she didn't know. She had been working there three years and it was there when she started.
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