Chattanooga, Tennessee


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Mar 3, 2017
Chattanooga, tn
Hello Folks!

Wanted to say hello and thank you for this great resource! We are about 40 mins from Chattanooga. Decided to get outta downtown and get rural!
Our build should be starting any day now. Hubby had never had a pool until we bought this mini-farm last year and we put up an 18' AG for the remainder of summer '16. I had a pool growing up and knew I MUST have water now that we didn't live downtown any longer. Thoroughly digging the farm life and especially chickens! Can do without the fox, groundhog, and BUGS BUGS BUGS... bugs as far as the eye can see!!!

Safe to say we have zip, zilch, zero experience PROPERLY maintaining a pool. We winged it with a wal-mart 5-test kit last year and limped along. It's a wonder we didn't get dysentery and die like the people from the Oregon Trail game.

Anywho, THANK YOU and I'll start a building thread as soon as I get some pictures of the planned area and getting the T-100 kit (hope that's correct)!

Paul & Crystal

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May 25, 2014
Oklahoma City, OK

How exciting! If you haven't already noticed, there are excellent pool build threads in the Under Construction area with lots of pics and ideas. Of course everyone will want to see all your progress as you go.

Welcome to TFP!