Changing twist lock receptacle

So I have an issue coming up with our electrical for our pool. I have until May to work on this, so plenty of time, right?;)
Our original pump was a sequel II, 0-1651-000. Some of the plastic parts were breaking off, so I brought it in for repairs at the end of the season. We have used the pump through 10 summers.
The pool company said that the motor needed about $150 in repairs. I opted to buy a new pump. I chose a twist lock plug, but the pool guy said that the twist lock I had on my old pump was different than the one on this pump, a White River 1 hp.
I checked it out, and sure enough, the prong with the extra little "arm" on it is on the opposite side of the arm on my plug.
How hard is it to swap out the face plate? Would I need and electrician for that?

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Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
I'm not fully sure what you are saying here but my concern is that you have had an amperage change in your pumps. The different plug configurations usually denote different voltage or amperage. Using a 30 amp pump motor in a 20 amp circuit is not something you want to do. You may want to call an electrician to be sure your circuit breaker wire and plug are sized correctly for your plug.

Or, if you want to do this yourself tell us the amp rating of the pump and the amp rating of the beaker serving the pump. We can give you some guidance.
We have an electrician in the family, so I am thinking that might be the way to go.
The old pump manual says "Use a Hubell No. 2310 Receptacle, 20 Amp 125 volt AC receptacle."
New pump manual has NO mention of amps. Need to take a look at the pump itself, I guess.

Probably wrong to assume the pool people would sell me an equivalent pump. They had my old pump for repairs. Don't trust them!