Challenger 2HP Motor


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Sep 8, 2015
Need some advice. I had a leak on the housing and recently replaced a couple of seals and put the pump housing back together. Previously, the electric motor ran fine. Now when turn my motor on, it hums and then shut off (motor trips off, not breaker). I kept turning it on and off, it actually started and ran. But, when I turn it off, it reverts back to hum and stop. Any suggestions? Main seal? Impeller?


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Jun 10, 2018
North Central PA
I have a friend who replaced the main seal in his Hayward pump last year. Same issue as you for a short while; then it would just just hum and get hot and never start. He called the Pool Store and was told, "Once, they hum, they're done. Just come get a new one." We took it apart (with a lot of effort) and found he had put the one half of the seal in backwards. It was binding everything up because it was a little bit longer than it was supposed to be, as he had it installed. It couldn't seat fully into the little cupped recess where it was designed to go. Took it out and flipped it around and has worked ever since, as far as I know. Maybe this is someplace for you to start? Good luck! (y)
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