Challenger 1.5 HP Pump Disassembly

Jun 19, 2011
In a separate thread, and also with advice from local pool store expert, it appears the low pressure I observe on my Pentair 60 DE Filter is due to clogged or impaired impellers in the pump housing. I found a piece missing from the bottom of the filter basket just ahead of the pump intake which could have admitted some bad stuff into the pump. I should be reading 10 PSI, but am only getting about 4 PSI. Pool store guy says I should be able to take the pump apart and clear obstructions myself.

Advice on how to do this? Just from cursory inspection, it appears that the unit is plumbed in with all glue connections, so I worry that even if I take the obvious bolts out, I wouldn't be able to adequately separate the parts without risking damaging the PVC plumbing. Also, when putting it back together, would I need new O-rings, or is there a protocol for applying any type of sealants to gasket or o-ring secured joints? Picture attached.



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Jan 6, 2010
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That actually looks pretty easy. You undo that big ring clamp (7) and slide it back off part 8 and just pull the motor away.

I'd suggest replacing O-rings (13,14) while it's apart. Lube them with some pool lube.