CH Test


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Mar 20, 2011
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hey guys & gals. Need your help & advice on my CH test. I either have none or my reagent is old/ineffective. Bought my TF100XL last year and still using same reagents and all seem to be fine. When I add the R-0011L the sample does not turn red. Not even a hint of red. The drops are almost an oily yellow. But since I want to help keep Duraleigh in business I figured I do the test twice and add the R-0012 anyway. I don't believe I have any copper present because I have city water. Never worried so much about CH because of a vinyl liner. Now I'm kinda worried. D'OH! Any thoughts out there? Test results as of 10 minutes ago are FC 10/CC 0/Ph 7.2/ALK 110. Will be adding Borax to boost Ph. Will also be ordering reagents soon, too!


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May 7, 2007
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The dye, R-0011L is an organic dye used to provide the red/blue color. It should be a deep blue color before it enters the sample. If the dye stains the plastic bottle it is stored in or is no longer a deep blue (before use), it has gone bad.