CH Test Accuracy

Henry M

Silver Supporter
Oct 7, 2015
Coral Springs, Florida
Following the directions for testing CH using the TF 100 Kit, I noticed that when I add the 3 drops of R-0011L to the 10 drops of R-0010, the water turns a sort of pale pink, as opposed to "red". When adding the drops of R-0012, the water turns a pale blue. Is this within the normal range of color, or is there something else I need to pay attention to?


May 27, 2017
Warren, NJ
Yes, the R-0011L will turn the water a pale-ish red that can appear pink. If you have a lot of calcium, as you add R-0012, it will first turn a purplish color and then a distinct blue.

The best way I found to "calibrate my eyes" to the correct colors is to use a standard solution. I made a standard solution of 500 ppm Ca using anhydrous calcium chloride, then used the test kit to test it to see what the final color would be when the correct amount of R-0012 was added (50 drops using the 25-mL volume)