cell or flow switch??


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Mar 31, 2013
Pentair IC-60 is showing a red light on the flow indicator. Also showing I need to add salt. My easy touch controller shows i have 2550 ppm and a manual test shows I have around 32-3300 ppm. Water temp about 65 degrees.

I cleaned my cartridge filter system out at lunch today and it was dirty but it did not help the problem. I have an old IC-40 with a new flow switch in it that I tried when that cell went bad that I might be able to swap out and try. These dang SWGs are like $1000 so I would like to try whatever I can before I buy a new one.

Question is what would you do to troubleshoot this situation?


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Jan 7, 2012
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I'm guessing you already tried increasing your pump speed to make sure there is plenty of flow to your SWG. If the flow switch is bad, it's an easy replacement.

For the salt, add enough to make the SWG happy. Add ~400 ppm and see if the cell thinks the water has enough salinity.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I would not go buy the salt level until the IC60 can pass the flow test..

The flow switch is just that, a simple switch.. Either you have good flow or you don't.. If you can feel a good flow of water coming out of your pool returns then the flow switch should close. It does not take a lot of flow.

Since you just replaced the flow switch, the first place I would look is to make sure the arrow is pointed in the direction of flow and then to ensure that the electrical connections are good where you added the new switch.. Double check the color of the wires.

Until you can get the flow light to turn green, the cell will not complete the rest of the start up routines..


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