cell broken or dirty? One cell work one doesnt.


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Apr 5, 2009
I bought a used SWG. It's a Clevachlor (poolpower) HD unit. It consists of two cells wired in series. I cleaned them both in muriatic acid for about 15 minutes and hosed them out. When I hooked them both up, nothing happened. So I tried them individually and one did nothing and the other appears to be working. I notice that when I connect a lead to the good cell while the unit is on, I get a small spark indication current draw. On the bad cell, I get nothing. Does this sound like the cell is gone or should I try another method to clean it? There does appear to be some build-up remaining between the plates on both cells. The two cells combined are good up to 40k gallons which is way overkill anyways so I think I'll be okay with just having one but I'd like to be able to run them for a shorter time period. If I can get them both up and running I'll be able to do that.