CC/TCL question

May 13, 2016
Hi all,

I'm using a ColorQ Pro 7 and wanted to know of CC is the same as TCL? I'm thinking it is. I took a second water test today and my numbers are:
fc 1.16
ph 7.2
ta 138
ch 148
cya 18

I was reading in Pool School that I should keep tcl=cc=0.5. Since this is a new pool and freshwater, is CC something I should be concern about for now? From my previous post, I should take care of fc first then cya. Unfortunately I have a pool frog connected to my system. I will be emptying it out soon.

So according to Pool Math, I should put 28 oz of 8.25 weight % of bleach. Once I do that, how long should I wait to address CYA? Also, since I'm transitioning to liquid chlorine, how often should I be adding liquid chlorine? Everyday? every two days?

Thanks everyone.