CC levels

Henry Porter

LifeTime Supporter
Nov 7, 2008
My CC has ranged from 0 to 0,5 and on the latest test was it 0,5. The pool had then been covered for a while and not been exposed to any sun. CC levels of 0,5 should that makes me increase my FC? Or will a sunny day break it down to zero again?
My FC is usually solid around 2,5-3 with a cya just above 50.

Melt In The Sun

TFP Expert
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Oct 29, 2009
Tucson, AZ
When your pool is covered, the sunlight can't burn off the CC as it normally would. My CC also slowly rises if the cover is on for a few days. It's nothing to worry about, and should go away once the pool is uncovered for a little while.

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