Caulking under coping joints

Ellen Enn

New member
Jul 16, 2020
Elma NY
I have springtails by the millions in my pool. I have done everything around the yard to prevent them from coming...but..for the third year now...end of June, beginning of July...they appear. I believe they are coming from under the coping. I’ve seen them also coming from behind the skimmer box frame, and the plastic and vinyl moldings. I have an inground salt water pool...I’ve sprayed them with a bleach/dish soap mix...and it does kill them...they die in bunches and float to the bottom of my pool stairs and pool bottom...some I can scoop out with the net skimmer. Can I put marine grade caulk between the bottom of the coping where it meets the pool liner? Can I just put this caulk anywhere above water level that I see a possible gap these bugs can come from? When living they cling to the liner just at water level and form a black band around the water line...ugh...