CAT2000 PRO Automatic Chemical Controller


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Aug 2, 2007
Austin, TX
Good morning all!

I have been researching various Automatic Chemical Controllers and I like what I have researched on the Cat controllers. I am a first time pool owner and I want to maximize chemical usage and reduce waste not to mention keeping the pool as healthy as possible. It seems that a chemical controller seems to be the way to go to have a constant water quality.

Anyone have any experience with Automatic Chemical Controller? Anyone have experience with a Cat system?

Thanks in advance!


Orp and pH controllers are often more maintenance than manually dosing. They do not elimininate the need for water testing since other water paramters cannot be monitored by such systems. IMHO, they are not worthwhile on residential pools. commercial pools have support staff who's job it is to keep such systems operating properly (and they do require a lot of upkeep). If the proper upkeep and calibaration is done on them they can help eliminate maunal dosing of clorine and acid but if they are out of calibration or one of the feeder pumps malfunctions then you have problems. (Peristaltic pumps are notorious for being very high upkeep items.)

Also, Orp controllers are not dependable on stabilized pools. Outdoor pools need to be stabilized. Direct reading chlorine electredes are relatively new and VERY expensive so they are not in wide use but they do elimiate this problem.

IMHO, you would be much better off getting a GOOD test kit that uses the FAS-DPD testing method for chlorine and learn how to take care of the pool BEFORE you depend on automation. This way you will have a better handle on what to do when the equipment malfunctions (and it will!)