Cast iron utility pump in pool = bad idea?


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Jul 16, 2014
Westport, CT
Hi all, i've always used plastic submersible utility pumps to lower the water level for pool closing every year. Those things are cheaply made though, and don't last more than two seasons... and I've gone through many brands over the years. They make more robust cast iron pumps used for sewer or grey water rated for much higher duty and have longer warranties for not much more money.

However, I'm thinking that introduction of cast iron into my otherwise 'metal free' pool is not a great idea and could lead to other problems.

I don't intend to leave the pump in there for long, max a day or two to bring water levels below skimmer and return levels. Would anyone advise against putting cast iron on a step on the shallow end of my pool even for this short duration?

Thanks to all for all the great insight I always get on this site.


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Jul 3, 2013
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I think it will be just fine but I would put a piece of rubber or something under it.. just in case so no rust spots get on the plaster... :)
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