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Sep 15, 2020
Poway, CA
DEAR TFP, PLEASE SOUND OFF! I'm looking for opinions on the dimensions of a cascade wall for my 12 x 28 splash pool!!!
My concern is that the wall dimensions (see signature) are out of proportion to my small pool size and will look like a giant fountain rather that a pool! It's just so hard to tell from pics, and even from the cardboard cutout. 75% of the time I look out my window at the cardboard and think, "Too big!" BUT, for weeks after we first put it out, I thought it looked good. 🤪 o_O
What do you think? Leave 18" on sides and 24" in middle, or change to 18" middle and 12" sides, or something else??? I am open to any/all suggestions/ideas regarding heights and lengths . . . time is running out and I need to decide asap! (For pics and more info, visit my Under Construction Thread)


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Jan 17, 2012
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It *sounds* a bit large... kinda hard to imagine. I wonder if placing it in a different spot would make it better? Can it be repositioned to the end perhaps? A taller end might appear more in line...?

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Jun 10, 2009
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Our pool that we are getting ready to break ground on is 38' ft. long x 24' ft in shallow and x 18' ft. in deep end and the raised wall on the back of our pools will be about 24' ft. long and start at 18" and go up to 24" and have to pillars where 2 round planters will sit on with 36" sheer decents will come out of. See attached file.