cartridge filter life


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Apr 2, 2007

My pool has a Hayward filter. I am using a Unicel filter and the pressure is getting close to 20 after running the pump for a couple of days. I bought this filter about 11 months ago. Most of the time, I spray down the filter every week or so. I was curious as to what the average life is for a cartridge filter? Is Unicel any good or should I buy a Hayward filter? Thanks in advance.


Unicel, Aladdin, and Pleatco are all good. Unicel manufactures filters for several OEMs, btw.
Organics build up on filters and hosing does not remove them. You need to soak the cart overnight to get them off.
Soak the cart in a solution of 1 cup of automatic dishwaher detergent powder such as Cascade or Electrosol to every 5 gallons of water in a large plastic container big enough to submerge the cart overnight and then hose off.
You can find full instructions for doing so on the Unicel or Pleatco websites ... _users.asp

A properly card for cart should last several years.

The BEST thing to hose a cart off with is one of those short, brass, non adjustable high pressure garden hose nozzles with a small bore diameter. They can be found in most hardware stores for about $4. Hose off from top to bottom at a 45 degree angle.


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May 27, 2007
Spring Hill, Florida
Are you using a 'skimmer sock'? Cleaning your cartridge every week or so seems like a lot of cleaning.

A 'skimmer sock' looks like a really short woman's knee high hose. It stretches over the skimmer basket, and catches a lot of debris before it gets to your filter. They're about $7.50 per 5-pack at the pool store.

You also might get a spare cartridge to rotate with your existing one. It'll make little easier.