Caretaker 99 with 2-speed pump?

Feb 6, 2013
Does anyone have experience running a Caretaker in floor cleaning system with a 2-speed (or VS) pump on low speed?

My pool used the Caretaker system as the only returns.
Currently, the system uses a single-speed pump.

Considering a change to a two-speed pump, but will the 5-port valve still work properly when the pump is on low speed? I rely on the Caretaker mostly for circulation throughout the pool--it has never been highly effective for cleaning so we supplement it with a Kreepy Krauly.



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May 19, 2010
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On low, it is doubtful that the heads will pop up and rotate correctly. The water will still recirculate so if you don't care about the cleaning, that might be an option.

This is why I always recommend having a separate set of wall returns when someone gets an in floor system.