Caretaker 99 pop up problem

Guero Gigante

New member
Apr 29, 2020
None of my pop ups are coming all the way up. Maybe halfway so they aren't blowing the dirt or turning properly. I have taken every head out and ran the pump to clear debris. I cleaned the DE filter to make sure pressure was good. I disassembled the 5 port dome and made sure the valves had the balls on them and the gears worked. I don't know what else to do.


In The Industry
Mar 21, 2020
Cabool, Mo
I have only worked on a few pools with these, so am far from an expert, but it sounds like a flow issue. Are your skimmers and pump basket clean? What is the pressure at the filter? Have there been any changes made to the system? (Started running a slide or waterfall, turned down the pump rpm's, partly closed the main drain?) Is your heater making strange banging or whistling sounds? Do you have a salt cell?


TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
Check the screen in the union on top of the distribution head.

What is the pressure on the distribution head gauge?

Do you have a check valve bypass?

Can you show a picture of the whole system?

What pump do you have?

What is the filter pressure?


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Jun 25, 2019
Tulsa, OK
Having fought my old crappy system for a while, make sure
1. Flow is entirely diverted to infloor. I had my spa valve partially open, totally killed the pressure for the infloor.
2.If you have a variable speed pump, run it at full speed.


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Jun 3, 2020
Southern AZ
I have a variable speed motor. I guess it reset to factory settings "earlier". I am still chasing issues, but review the pump setup options, if you have that type of pump. The pump speed/pressure may be incorrect now. Caretaker pressure should be between 14 to 20 psi during operation, as per the docs.