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Aug 28, 2020
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Hello, I purchased a home with a pool about a year ago. It’s a ~25k gallon pool that has a Caretaker system installed. The previous owners did not utilize the caretake system, but I’ve gone through and replaced everything to get it up and running. The last issue that I’m having is that the lid for the leaf trapper is not getting a full seal (brand new lid and o-ring), so it’s getting air in it and bubbles are coming out. The air is definitely coming in from the lid, as I’ve poured water on top and can see it go through. Any advice on how to get I can get the lid to full seal? Thanks in advance!


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Feb 6, 2015
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Are you rotating the inner lid to lock it in place under the locking tabs?
Check to be sure all mating surfaces between the inner lid, o-ring and canister are clean and free of debris.


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Jun 3, 2020
Southern AZ
I had the same kind of issue. I talked with the vender and they recommended to put the o ring in the freezer for 15 minutes (it will shrink the o ring) and then put it back on. That stopped the slipping when I put it back together. Worked for me.


Aug 28, 2020
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Thanks for the suggestions. I have lubed the o-ring and tried rotating. For the freezing of the o-ring, I have the "old style", so the o-ring is built into the lid and making it smaller I think would only make the issue worse.

I did call the vendor and they said that the pressure could be too high in the system, possibly due to debris in the canister line. The pressure being too high could so high that it's causing the leak and preventing it to fill up. I will try to clean the line and see if that works.
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