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Oct 6, 2009
For the most part, my chemical levels seem to be fairly constant (except for the explainable FC dips after heavy bather load, sunlight, etc.). And even after the incredible rain we had this weekend, I'm not at all surprised by my numbers. Here are my current levels, and I was hoping some of you might give me your impression of any modifications I should make. I find it interesting to compare what all of you say against the Pool Calculator and other sources. It's really helping me better understand pool chemistry as almost an art form rather than an exact science!!

July 12 @ 4:30pm ET
FC - 6
CC - 0
TC - 0
pH - 7.3
TA - 70
CH - 180
CYA - 60

While my TA is almost always around 70, and seems low to me (based on recommendation from TF-100 test kit of 100-120 and Pool School of 70-90+), some of you have told me this is GOOD and I shouldn't make any changes.

My CH has always been right around 210-220 until my pool overlowed this weekend from the heavy rain and I had to drain quite a bit. My current reading of 180 seems like I should be adding some calcium chloride.

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