Car in pool


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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
A few cool things here. It's an above ground pool (or partially buried) so bonus points for that. They picked a pool that at least provided some opportunity to still breath up near the roof. And of course, the liner is still in tact!


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Apr 20, 2017
I'm waiting for the pool owner to find the forum to ask what the appropriate SLAM level is for a pool with 40CYA and a car inside.


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Aug 17, 2012
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Had that happen when I was about 10 years old... (holy crapola, 30 years ago). We were swimming in a neighbors inground pool and got out after being in for a couple hours. We were standing on the patio when a loud crash was heard. A large car came through the back cinderblock wall which separated the back yard from the rear parking lot of a strip mall. Memory is foggy, but I kinda remember them saying that the dad was adding coolant to the car or something and left the engine running with a young kid in the front seat. The kid put it in drive and the rest was on the news later that night. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

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