Capacitors Blowing?


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Sep 19, 2016
If so, see if the governor that triggers the "V" shaped switch is hinging correctly. Frequently when you put a screwdriver near the governor to stop the shaft from turning when you are putting on the diffuser, you inadvertantly dislodge the governor hinge point. This causes the "V" shaped switch to remain in contact or "on" after the pump starts and this fries the capacitor. The governor with centrifigul force after rotating is supposed to hinge and thus release the button on the switch, which turns the switch off, thus protecting the capacitor from burnout.
Three capacitors later I figured this out.

Alternatively, check the switch itself to be sure it is off when not pushed by the governor. Check this by taking the switch off the motor and seeing that the contact points do not touch unless the button is pressed.

Make sure you have the correct sized capacitor volts and uF. You can be slightly higher on the uF rating.

Lastly, always turn off circuit breaker and short out the capacitor with a screwdriver by bridging all the contacts on it.

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Could you let us know what motor this was on, there are many out there..
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