Cantilever edge question


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Aug 2, 2010
I am receiving conflicting information regarding the process of pouring pool decking with a cantilever edge. IG vinyl pool construction set begin in 1 week. I am hoping to be able to wait untill spring to pour the decking. One PB says that a cantilver edge must be poured before the liner and water goes in. While another insists that it can be poured after. Now, I am pretty sure it probably could be done either way, but I am wondering which is the prefered method or the industry standard. Anyone care to share any experiences or opinions on the subject? Thanks.


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Dec 3, 2009
Central Massachusetts
Unless the one builder has a funny way of installing the liner, it can be done after. I built my pool in the fall, and didnt put the cantilever coping in until spring. My coping is stone, but it doesnt make any difference. If you use concrete, they use a foam form. It attaches to the top of the pool wall (actually the cantilever coping track) and hangs over the edge. You pour the concrete up to the edge and let it dry. Then, the form just peels off and leaves the cantaliver over hang. If you couldnt put in the liner until the coping was done, then how would you ever change the liner? :hammer:

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