Cantilever concrete coping vs standard aluminum


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Mar 24, 2017
Hey guys,

Any downside to cantilever concrete coping? Saw a 15 or so year old pool today with white aluminum coping that looked pretty shabby and now thinking about upgrade.

Seems like good idea since we hope to stick with regular concrete for the rest of the deck.

Our pool will be 18x44 rectangle - any idea on what to expect for cost increase?


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Mar 10, 2017
House Springs
I just had a new pool installed and the PB refuses to use aluminum. He has a 10 year old pool installed at his store and keeps it there to show the buyers what it will look like. I would recomend you meet with your PBs concrete contractor and get some referals. I went at looked at three pools my installer did to see what his work looks like.