Can't seem to find the right Skimmer Float Valve


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Mar 30, 2017
I just purchased a home with a pool and discovered that the float valve assembly in my skimmer was missing its o-ring underneath.

To get a new o-ring I ordered a Pentair 08650-0079 (replacing the hardware currently installed in the skimmer)


The o-ring fit like a champ but when I tried to set the float valve on top it would not sit flush, the six little supports in the picture above would *just* get in the way enough that the float valve would not seat.

I then ordered a Hayward SP1070FV with the exact same results, the valve would not sit flush.

I can not find any markings on the skimmer to clue me in on a brand, what should my next step be?




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May 19, 2010
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One of those holes goes to the pump ... where does the other one go? If you do not have a floor drain, or equalizer line in the wall or a 2nd skimmer, then it may be capped and there is no point of adding a float diverter.