Can't remove steps to close pool


Jul 15, 2019
Princeton NJ
Hi All

its the end of the season in Jersey so we're closing our pool. This is our first full season as a saltwater pool which has been great from a pool chemistry perspective however we have now come to take the metal steps out of the concrete pool surrounded and they stuck fast due to corrosion. Has anyone got any tips or tricks to free them up so we can get them out to lay the cover??
many thanks


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Jul 8, 2013
Columbus, Ohio
Assuming the legs just drop down into sleeves in the concrete then tapping the legs with a rubber mallet might loosen them up enough to lift the steps out. A rubber mallet will avoid damage to the legs.


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Jun 16, 2019
Mine (old skool ladder into the patio type) weld themselves pretty tight. After loosening the tension bolts I would tape a 2x4 tightly under the top part of the rails perpendicular. (Same direction as the pool wall) and tap from underneath with a sledgehammer. Each side took a few good taps. A rubber mallet didn’t have the ooomph to get the job done. Certainly try the mallet first but if not, let the 2x4 get the dents, not the underside of the ladder rails.

Also, make sure to tap directly under the rails or else the tape breaks and the 2x4 flies and might take out a shin or something else important.
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