Cant get the pool under control...


Jul 13, 2010
Wilmington, DE
Hello All,

You guy were great before helping me get rid of algae after my return from my honeymoon. But sure enough it keeps returning and man am i getting frustrated! I am thinking about just closing it down and forgetting about it this year and starting new next year. But i am not the quitting type. I followed directions perfectly and had a bright blue pool, but less then a week later it started turning again.

Any advice to keep it from returning?

I live in the Wilmington area of Delaware, and have considered paying someone to come help give me the complete run through. Anyone want to help out a poor new pool owner?



LifeTime Supporter
May 19, 2009
Dallas, TX
That means one of two things: Either you didn't complete the shock process, or you have let the FC level dip too low for the CYA level that is in your pool.

When you shocked, did you keep the FC level at shock value according to the FC/CYA chart until there was no overnight FC loss?

Do you test regularly to verify your FC level never drops below the min according to the FC/CYA chart?

It's really not that complicated, but those two things are critical to maintain an algae free pool.