Cant Get Rid Of The Light Green Water


May 4, 2015
Chardon, ohio
Its been a hot and rainy summer so far here in Cleveland and in 10 years of ownership have never experienced this issue before. No matter how long I run the pump and keep the chlorine up the green tint seems to come back if I'm not constantly shocking. Have never had a problem like this. Pump pressure is good. Brush twice a day. Run pump 24 hours a day (used to run it 5 hours). Shocked the pool the way it says here and it cleared right up. Three days later starts to turn green. Is my chemical balance OK? Is there anything you guys can think of that I can do to clear this up? Thanks for your help.
Chlorine 5
PH 7.4
Alk 110
Cya 30
Water Temp 83

Inground pool 18 by 36


Mod Squad
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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Does your pool's FC ever drop low?
When you SLAM do you follow the guide and *maintain* that SLAM until you can pass the 3 parameters (Pass the OCLT, CCs of 0.5 or less, and clear water)?
Have you used any algaecides in the water?

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