Can’t find replacement for IntelliChlor IC-40


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Jul 20, 2015
San Diego, CA
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Salt Water Generator
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
Our pool stores can’t find one & I’ve searched the web high & low only to find out of stock notifications.

I know the prices are insane…but this is our vacation rental property that’s fully booked out for the summer so when guests are there we can’t test/add chemicals so its important the salt cell be producing chlorine during the week.

Anyone know where I can find either an IC-40 or replacment cell?

There seems to be some “generic” options for around $600, are they any good?


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Jun 6, 2021
Charlotte, NC
We carry this generic version. If the the one find looks like it, I would not hesitate to buy it at $600.

We do find them a little bit less reliable compare to the Hayward generics, but most system still works years later.

If you need 100% up time, I would suggest you buy 2 of the IC20 for the 17.5K pool (not much more than then a single IC40).

But you have redundancy, if one is having issue, you can swap the other one, also you have 2 sets of everything, the cell (bottom) and electronics (top) comes apart. Flow switch can be switched out in a 1-2 min.

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