Cannot open Clearwater SWG to clean cells


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Oct 24, 2010
Could do with any suggestions if you've come across this before.
We just bought a house with a pool. I am trying to get everything up an running for the first time after a nasty Algae outbreak. The cells look quite calcified, but no matter how hard i try I cannot get the cover off to clean the cells.
It's a Clearwater Saltwater Chlorinator.
I am guessing that the calcium build-up might have stuck the cover or something.
Any suggestions for how to free up the cover?
How big a risk is it that the Calcification will damage the plates (It might take a few days to get someone in, so should I stop using it in the meantime?)
Thanks for any advice,


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Jul 10, 2009
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Hi Nick, welcome to TFP! I found this little youtube video. Is your SWG made like this one? If so an oil filter wrench or strap wrench may help you open it up.


Aug 23, 2010
Queen Creek, AZ
Mine was the same way when I bought my house last year. The strap wrench will work to unscrew the black cap. What I really had trouble with was that the cells were so built up with mineral deposits the cell would not come out. I had to buy some de-calcifier or something like that and ran it for about 2 weeks to break the build up off the cell. After about 2 weeks I was able to inch it out little by little by pushing and pulling it with some force. Then soaked it for a while in a diluted acid bath. One helpful hint to get the calcium out between the plates with out damaging them is to use plastic tie wraps to poke the stuff out.
Good luck that can be an expensive replacement.
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