Cannot figure out valve settings, please help me understand with photo

Apr 12, 2017
peoria, az
Sorry I am new to this pool that was built likely many years ago. The valves have since (the photo) been replaced.

When the valves are set to pull from pool and return to pool the water circulates properly, but maybe the kreepy krauly (and pump?) seem to be working too hard. If I set from spa to spa, it circulates properly for spa use. If I set the valves open, the pump is far to weak to run the kreepy krauly/skim properly, AND the spa quickly drains to the pool.

Now, I have no equalizer between the pool and spa. If I set the valves to anything other than spa to spa or pool to pool, the spa drains or overflows either very quickly or slowly depending on tweaking, tweaking that is very difficult to set the same way twice. I cannot seem to find a way to circulate the spa's water (other than manually). How was this designed to be used?

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Jan 6, 2010
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The cleaner adds a new level of confusion for me since I don't have one. But so you know what others do... I don't draw at all from the spa normally, and I have my valves set to return maybe 20% of the water to the spa so it overflows into the pool. There's enough water exchange that the spa doesn't get stagnant.

The two exceptions are
1) I'm using the spa and don't want to heat the whole pool
2) Manual vacuuming. I like to empty the spa into the pool and brush anything in there towards the drain. It works well in that confined space. Then when I manually vacuum, I return it all to the spa so I don't have any annoying ripples or currents in the pool while I'm vacuuming.

Hopefully that will help you find a solution. If not, at least the thread got a :bump:
Apr 12, 2017
peoria, az
Thanks for the reply. It does help; Im thinking I will have to always circulate the spa water manually. My spa does not overflow to the pool, it overflows to the patio 😮. Keep in mind Im not totally sure what Im talking about, been trying to learn for a couple months.