Can you reuse sand in filter?


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Jun 21, 2007
Pleak, Texas
We have a 24' round above ground. 26" sand filter with a 3/4 hp two speed pump. And a salt-water generator.

When we don't use the pool for a week or so - it gets really clear but a fine dust? settles on the bottom. Then when we go swimming, it gets all stirred up and gets cloudy. Greyish-white. Takes several days to settle out even with pump going 24 hours/day.

When I turn on the high speed to use my pool cleaner - more dust/cloudy comes out of the return jet.

So I bought a bag that fits on the return jet and have run it now for a couple of months. Hasn't really helped much, but it does catch a lot of bugs. :roll:

So I'm thinking I might have a cracked lateral inside the filter. I'm going to open it up this weekend and see. Once I dump all th sand out, can I reuse it? Or do I need to get new sand? We've had this pool up for about 2 years now.

If I do have to get new sand, can I use the sand sold at Home Depot in the pool section as "pool filter sand" or do I need to get it from the local pool store?


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Dec 22, 2007
Central New York
IMO....... I would get new sand. As long as you have the filter empty. You can buy the sand anywhere. Just make sure the sand you buy is for swimming pool filters.