Can you just buy CYA reagent?

Jun 12, 2007
I was wondering if you can just by CYA reagent? I had my water tested to day by Leslie's, to the right of it says to use R-0013 per instructions. I realize that there are lots of smarter people and this is first year testing my water with my own kit (when I bought it, Ben's wasn't available and I didn't know about this site)?

The kit I have doesn't test for CYA. From the previous owner, I have the mixing tubes, no instrucitons, and no CYA testing reagents. That is why I went to Leslie's for the test. I wanted to know CYA. I made mistake of adding two buckets of stabilizer and then was using a floater with pucks from Sam's when I realized the pucks were stablized. I immediately quit using those and am only going to use bleach from now. Lucikly, my CYA is 60, I quit before it was way up.

I want to monitor my CYA myself and stop going to Leslie's.


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Jun 22, 2007
Atlanta, GA
#2 sells the reagents. So does has a Blue Devil brand CYA tester on sale for like $2. I don't know how good it is, though my leslie's uses it and is always 20-30ppm CYA less than what I get on my Taylor test kit. Of course, they're using inside lighting and they think that testing my pool water is a game and who can finish first, the pool or the spa. I'd get one and try it if it weren't for the $7.50 handling fee. charges $7.50 for orders less than $25, $5 for orders up to $50, and free shipping for orders over $50. fyi.


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Jun 4, 2007
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What is the active ingredient in the CYA reagent? Can you you buy it online in bulk from one of the chemical supply houses?

I would rather buy a pint than continue to buy high-priced 2oz bottles.


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May 23, 2007
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Backglass said:
What is the active ingredient in the CYA reagent? Can you you buy it online in bulk from one of the chemical supply houses?

I would rather buy a pint than continue to buy high-priced 2oz bottles.
Melamine basically.

On the 480 mL refill I have here it says:

Melamine, CAS 108-78-1, <1%
Sodium acetate, CAS 127-09-3, <1%
Acetic acid, CAS 64-19-7, <1%
DI water to 100%, CAS 7732-18-5


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May 7, 2007
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I have used the Blue Devil brand CYA tester from Leslies and gotten exactly the same results as with a TF Test Kit (Taylor reagents). They use a different concentration and a different scale on the measuring tube so it is not interchangeable with the Taylor reagent. The $2 test kit from Leslies does four or five tests, fewer than the size would suggest.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Can't miss the opportunity for a shameless plug: I have refills online at for less money and less shipping than Taylor. 4oz is the largest R-0013 I currently have.....will probably add 8oz in the near future.

I do have a $15 minimum order which I hope isn't a deal breaker but just want to make you aware of it.
Jun 2, 2007
SW Missouri

You are providing a real service to this community...what you might consider a plug I view as information that let's me make an informed decision. I appreciate your advice and if anyone feels that you are putting on the "vendor" cap maybe they ought to think back to the last time they had their water tested at the local pool store. (of course with the exception of WaterBear's: I think you and WaterBear should get together and start franchising your own pool centers [and pull Sean B in as well!).

Thanks for all your previous (and more importantly FUTURE help!)



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May 15, 2007
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Regarding the reagant for CYA...i purchase my reagents from SPS ( swimming pool supply company). They are less that direct from Taylor Tech. It is also where are purchased my Taylor k-2006 at a great price...less than $50! I will provide the link but here are the prices:

R-0013....3/4 oz = $ 1.90
2 oz = $ 2.95
16 oz= $ 5.90
1 gal= $ 21.15
shipping is $5 on orders up to $10..............$7.50 on orders $10-$60................$10 on orders $60 and above.

Hope this helps. I spoke with Thor who I believe is the owner.

SPS swimming pool supply company