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Apr 15, 2019
Hi all! First time post here but have been lurking on the forum for about a year!

Need to update my signature but I have a 21,000 gallon IG pool with Hayward Sand Filter and Hayward T-9 cell.

Had a quick question as I’m scheduled to open the pool in late May:

At the end of the season, I noticed my T-9 acting a little funny (was originally installed in 2013) - and really noticed it not performing like it should. I tried a lot of the tips and tricks on here, cleaned it, switched the mode, but didn’t seem to work. It was at the end of the season so I just didn’t worry about it. However, as I’m gearing up to open the pool in about a month, I would love to have it looked at prior to the scheduled opening. Also, my home warranty covers salt cells in the event it is bad. Is there any way I can go through the warranty company to have a pool store check it prior to opening it and everything being de-winterized? I would love to be able to either fix it or replace it (under the home warranty) without having to wait until pool opening, then call the warranty, wait on a vendor to come out, etc in the peak of pool opening season.

Just wanted to hear anyone’s thoughts on that and especially with any experiences on pool warranties and salt cell. Thanks!

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Aug 10, 2012
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Welcome to TFP!

Some, most?, pool stores can test SWG cells. Maybe a failure report from a pool store will be enough to get the warranty processed.