Can you control the Intake and Return valves in a feature circuit, or circuit group on Intellicenter?


Nov 27, 2020
I have the pool and spa modes set correctly, and the Intellicenter rotates the valves depending on which "body" I want on (either from pool to pool, or from spa to spa). Each with their own heat settings and pump speed settings.

However, The spa has a spillway, and I was trying to create what I thought would be a simple feature circuit or circuit group that would turn on that spillway by intaking from the pool and returning to the spa. To do this, I'd need to turn on the filter pump, and set the intake and the return valves accordingly (from pool to spa). I cannot figure out how to do this, as both of those valves do not seem to let me attach to a circuit. I'd appreciate any guidance.

Thank you.


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Dec 26, 2019
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You create a feature circuit named Spa waterfall of overflow or whatever you want to call it. When you select a feature type, select 'Spillway' instead of leaving it as 'Generic'. This tells the Intellicenter to rotate the return valve to send the water to the spa, and leaves the intake valve set to pull from the pool.

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