Can we use Aqua Smarte docking system empty?


May 24, 2021
Southwest OH
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Sadly my first taste of pool ownership is awful - we bought a new house/new pool , where the aqua smarte system was being used since the pool was installed in 2018. Also previous owners used a styrofoam floater / chlorine tablets. Long story short, after opening to some possible mustard algae, we treated the pool, and now we have a very high CYA reading and had to partially drain/refill it (CYA was initially 128 per Leslies test, and 120 per my TF-100 kit). I am returning all of the max mizer chlorine cartridges we just bought because from what I’ve read it adds stabilizer/CYA. I don’t want to deal with high CYA.

Question : can we keep the aqua smarte docking station hooked up right now, but just not put any cartridges in it (remove mineral cartridge and max mizer chlorine cartridge and let water flow through the empty docking station )? Or does the docking station need to be removed ? I just don’t want to cause any more issues, and we don’t know how to disconnect it.
Thanks for any advice!


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
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I have not seen one of those but if it does not leak, and your can remove the offending cartridges, it can stay. Might be a good place for a SWCG in the future.
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