Can Total Alkalinity cloud water?


Jul 2, 2008

I have recently joined this forum, and spent quite a bit of time going over the "Pool School" documents.

They've been a huge help.

I was experiencing cloudy water, at one point it looked like coconut milk and I couldn't see the bottom.

This may have been from high Total Alkalinity.

I recently bought a test kit (Leslie's Taylor type) and found my pH was 7.8 and Total Alkalinity up at 140.

I'm down today to 7.5 pH and 100 for Total Alkalinity, I can clearly see the bottom of the pool and it's again swimmable.

I'm looking forward to it being crystal clear again soon.

I'm not new to pools, having had one all of my childhood years, but now at 55 I am back into it ... and of course, forgot everything I ever learned about pools. I have had this 18x33 since last year, having a small 15' round the year before that.

Looking at the BBB method now and I'm going to change over to doing things this way.

I had been taking a sample to the pool store and having them provide me with an $80 array of chemistry. This seems to be their way of doing things and as I sit at my patio table now, gazing at all the empty bottles, I see that I have put it agents to raise this or that, as well as agents to lower the same! ... I guess you live and learn.


A combination of high TA and high CH can cause cloudy water but it's not the only cause. If you post a full set of test results it would be helpful.