Can the pool cover and removable fence share the same anchors?


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Jun 27, 2021
Hi all. Currently under construction for a 16x36 rectangular inground pool. We will be putting pavers around the pool and our Loop Loc cover will anchor into the pavers. We will also be installing a removable fence around the pool.

My question is….

Can we use the same anchors for both the removable fence (in summer) and cover (in winter)? Has anyone done this?

I looked on the Loop Loc website and they had a Q&A, but not a very clear answer:

If I use both a LOOP-LOC cover and BABY-LOC fencing, can they share the same set of anchors in the deck?
From the time your pool dealer submits your order to us, LOOP-LOC will ship your custom cover from our factory in two weeks or less. If you have a stock sized rectangle cover the shipping time is 24-48 hours

Thank you in advance for any help!
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